The famous fan interview

Twitter was buzzing with pride as Sean has brilliantly managed to get an exclusive interview from Glen and Mark. It’s one of the best interviews the band had recently.

He’s done a great job with staying cool and asking good questions, like:

  • Exclusive details about album 4: “We’ve never told this to anybody before” says Mark.
  • How long does it take them to write a song
  • Glen’s three dot tattoo
  • How they chose which songs will be played
  • What songs would they like to be covered and by whom
  • What does Mark call his guitars
  • What goals and long term plans they have
  • What acoustic tour Mark would love to do
  • Their “guilty pleasure” TV shows
  • Weird things like dragons, chuwawas and zombie apocalypse!

And the end, the ever so lovely thank yous, that really just tears me up every time. Great job, Sean!




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