For The First Time

Album: Science and Faith

Release: 2010

This single might have been released on the 20th of August 2010. I’m saying might’ve been because I just drove myself totally mad by trying to match the various dates the various sources show. According to itunes it’s the 20th of August. According to wikipedia (and this article it quotes) it’s the 3rd of September in Ireland and 5th of September in the UK. I’ve made the executive decision of going with the 20th of August because that’s the National Holiday of Hungary as well and there’s quite enough happening in September so let’s stick with that until somebody with more authority can confirm.

Alternative Cover (Official Single Cover)

What no-one disputes is that this was the first single of the second album, Science and Faith. It was written about the hard times of Ireland in and around 2010 (not much changed since) and tells the story of how Irish families reacted to the recession.

Trying to make it work but,
Man, these times are hard,
But we’re gonna start by
Drinking old cheap bottles of wine,
Shit talking up all night,
Doing things we haven’t for a while,
We’re smiling but we’re close to tears,
Even after all these years,
We just now got the feeling that we’re meeting for the first time.


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