Hall of Fame

Album: #3

Release: 2012

The first single of the third album was released (and I only dare to whisper the dates now) on the 17th of August, 2012. (The band’s page says otherwise. The official video on youtube was published on the 21st of August, 2012. So let’s agree on August at least.)


The “dudette”, as the band likes to refer to it, was partially recorded in will.i.am’s hotel room after shooting an episode of The Voice.

“Will.I.Am heard the song when we played it to him backstage at The Voice. He loved the song straight off, he was like “This dope man, play it again, I want it for my record.” He showed massive interest in the song really early on. Him jumping on the song was a brilliant way for us to add weight to that whole message because he is such a positive person. He always says think you can, believe you can, you will. To have someone to add that weight was really important to us. It was going to be our first single but it made it even more important. And then I guess trying to get him do it was the hardest part. It was tough I got him in a verbal headlock basically.” (Watch the rest here.)

“It wasn’t really meant to be an anthem but it is in the spirit of the Olympics. We wrote this song before the Olympics and so it was never meant to be an Olympic tune.

But we have been seeing people getting ready for the 4k marathon and women really busting their arse as if they were in the Olympics and it was just to raise money for charity – and we thought that that was just an amazing thing to do.

There are very few kids now who aspire to be firemen or policemen or people of the neighbour because you ask them what they want to be and they just say ‘I want to be famous’ for doing what? ‘For being on the telly’. So we are just saying put the f***ing work in because you have actually do something for people to recognise you like that.

What I love about the whole Olympic Games was they took the celebrity out of the celebrities hand and gave it to proper people. These are people who showed hard work and dedication in the last four years to stand on the world stage and do something good with their life – I really commend that.

And that is what the song is really about the silent people that you don’t hear about everyday in the papers but work hard and put the time – if you do that you could be there too.” (Read more here.)


“It’s all about hard work, dedication – the euphoria of the Olympics is there’s a generation about to be inspired by all these athletes and these things. We wanted to do the same thing but also for music and teachers and politicians and people that are actually pillars of the community. It’s just a kind of call to arms… Do something in your community and hopefully you’ll go into their hearts and minds and that’s kind of the way you’ll live on forever, really.” (Source)

HOF ballerina

“The message itself was a bit more about the struggles behind triumph that nobody really gets to see. We took two stories of an under-privileged Irish immigrant who went to America to try and become a great boxer. Then we had a hearing impaired dancer. Both shows discipline and are inspiring. It was tempting of course to use the Olympics footage but there’s a lot of that going on right now. The slogans for the Olympics read ‘inspire a generation’ and that’s kinda what we want to do. As a band, our mentality is that if you work hard, you’re gonna get places.” (Source)

It’s the most successful The Script single so far, popular not only in the UK and Ireland but in the US as well. Thanks to becoming a football anthem, “We appeal to a totally new audience. “Everybody likes it. Half the audience are boys now. We’ve got more into the male consciousness. When you hit a topic that becomes universal then your shows become universal too.” (Danny according to Daily Star)


The tagline of the song: “This is for ordinary people doing extraordinary things”


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