The Script (first album) – Updated

Release: 2008

The month has seen the release of the very first album, also called The Script. (Other bands with self-titled albums? Why, there is a list. A rather long one at that. Check it here. My favourite is “!!!” How do you even pronounce that?)


The album was released on the 8th of August, 2008 in Ireland. (It’s a date easy to remember so can you imagine that the band actually forgot about it?) It was number 1 both in Ireland and the UK and earned a multi platinum in the UK and 5x platinum in Ireland.


There are 11 tracks on the album which totals to 41 mins – in other words, average length is the radio friendly 3 minutes 43 seconds with the shortest song, Anybody There being exactly 3 minutes long, the longest, Fall for Anything is 4:33.

It had three singles: “We Cry” (listen to the acoustic version, it’s simple magic!), The Man Who Can’t Be Moved and Breakeven. They added “Talk You Down” and “Before the Worst” to the list of singles with less success according to wikipedia here.

More stats for those of who enjoy it as much as me:

  • 1712 words in the lyrics (based on
  • 553 different words (50 per song)
  • 1.35 syllabus per word
  • top words: you, before, time, cause, don’t, heart, gotta, where, coming, gonna

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