September came…

…and saw two out of three album releases.

Science and Faith album was released in 2010

science and faith artwork

  • 10 songs + bonus track on US version: “Bullet from a gun”
  • 42 mins length in total (UK version)
  • Shortest song: Walk Away
  • Longest song: You Won’t Feel a Thing
  • Singles: For The First Time, Nothing, If You Ever Come Back
  • Total word count of the lyrics, including bonus track: 2542, using 627 different words
  • Top words: you, love, nothing, ever, now, know, oh, come, back

#3 was released in 2012


  • 10 songs, 41 mins in total
  • Bonus tracks: Moon Boots, Hurricane
  • Shortest song: Millionaires (3:10)
  • Longest song: Glowing (4:47, making it the longest song of all three albums)
  • Singles: Hall of Fame, Six Degrees of Separation, If You Could See Me Now, Millionaires
  • Total word count (including bonus tracks): 3397 with 965 different words
  • Top words: you, your, yeah, love, gonna, around, see, give, now, like

More on the album in this post.




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