Release: 2012

The third album was recorded during the filming of the first series of The Voice and according to this article it was handed in 2 months early.

“So O’Donoghue would film all day, then go to the studio at night and lay down his vocals (initially The Voice was pre-recorded during office hours). It wasn’t an enjoyable process, exactly. However, the straitened environment brought out the best in The Script.” (Irish Examiner)


About the title

Q: Are you looking to make it easier for your album to trend? Is it a tactical move or is it complete coincidence?

D: Haha. It’s all of those put into one. As we get older we are realising that there are little marketing things you can do. So, yeah it was kind of. The real reason is though that I was born 3 October, then I lived in flat three and we recorded in studio three and there are also three of us. So there’s all these crazy omens for this year. So basically, we just ended up thinking, this album has to be called number three – and of course we couldn’t call it on the first or second album now could we?

Q: So now we know it’s not just about marketing and it does have some meaning!

D: Yeah it’s definitely not all about marketing, but in the world that we’re living in you’d be stupid not to use something like that. It is literally a world where everything does trend on Twitter so you’ve got to reflect the times too.

Q: Plus it could be your lucky number.

D: Yeah exactly: Three is the magic number!

More on the title in this interview:

Danny’s approach to the album

“I think it was just more confidence in yourself that you have a voice and that there are things inside that you are very confident to say – they may not be the right things to say but you just have the confidence to own up.

And I think that is what is on this album more than before as I think we have always second-guessed how people were going to perceive these songs.

I guess over the course people have just loved our honesty and our song-writing and that is something that we never ever shied away from with this album we just wanted to be completely honest and open as a book.

I think that is really the only way that people will accept you as a person as there are so many people trying to be pretentious.

They are literally trying to be everything that they are not by covering their eyes with shades they are wearing hats and so on to try and cover the fact that they don’t have any self-confidence. In music you have to confident in the fact that you are unconfident.”


What else does the band say?

“On this record we’re reconnecting to where we have come from,” says Sheehan. “Our last album was written off the back of touring arenas and stadia and you can hear that in the sound. We wanted to get back to the music we fell in love with and enjoy playing: hip-hop, r’n’b. We took a look at the stuff we’d been doing on our first record and tried to go from there.” (Irish Examiner)

“This time around you can expect something that you can play in bars and clubs and you will actually be able to dance to The Script instead of drinking some red wine and missing your lost love. We have definitely got some big banging anthems that you can sing in your pubs – pubs not really clubs. Emotionally we have reached another level and it just sounds amazing to me and I am really proud that we have been able to put our hearts on our sleeves and let the whole of the UK and the world wear our jackets. And that is what we have done on this album just bear it all out. The mantra of the album was the head, heart and feet and it was something that you can think about but dance to at the same time.” (Danny on FemaleFirst)

The album #3 was seen as a chance to go back to basics. “We always try to keep it organic,” says Power. “We used sample kicks and snares on Hall Of Fame to see how it would work – we wanted to stretch ourselves a little bit. We wanted to get out of our comfort zone and it worked.” (Argus through Script Online)

The album in numbers:

  • 10 songs, 41 mins in total
  • Bonus tracks: Moon Boots, Hurricane
  • Shortest song: Millionaires (3:10)
  • Longest song: Glowing (4:47, making it the longest song of all three albums)
  • Singles: Hall of Fame, Six Degrees of Separation, If You Could See Me Now, Millionaires
  • Total word count (including bonus tracks): 3397 with 965 different words
  • Top words: you, your, yeah, love, gonna, around, see, give, now, like

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