October = Birthdays

If September was the month of album releases (two out of three) then October is the month of birthdays (two out of three).

3rd of October: Danny O’Donoghue

29th of October: Mark Sheehan

(I’m staying out of the whole debate of who was born in which year because, really, I couldn’t care less. So year’s been omitted for the sake of keeping the peace.)

Danny’s birthday messages

Twitter loves Danny and he was showered with lovely messages (even if some have overdone by sending it practically 50 times) and he even got birthday videos. Here’s some examples:


Collage by my, originals by @daria91rocks, @millie_lol , @itsleigh22, @MarcellAndrewT, @TheScriptNo1Fan, @RKScriptLove, @EmmaMaeC, @MelindaMusic, @lynseyallington.
Made by Lauren aka @ScriptLoveUK


Made by @thescript63
Made by @thescript_zoe


Made by @rachelah10.

Here’s the update on Mark.




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