(Closed) Nominate The Script for People’s Choice Awards

Thanks to all who voted, tweeted and more. Nomination phase closed on 31/10, results will be in on the 5/11.


It’s that time when you can nominate your favourites in cinema, TV and music for the People’s Choice Awards. The top five in each category will become the official nominees for People’s Choice Awards 2014.

Let’s do it together!

It’s up to #TheScriptFamily now to give enough votes to our favourite band to get them into that top 5. You can nominate them under the “Other” tab in the two band categories:


You can also vote for #3 in the Favourite Album category. (Remind others to do the same in a tweet.)


For the other relevant categories our best option is to choose one as a family. If  we all nominate that same one, it’ll have a better chance to get to the top five. Here’s what you’ve all voted for in the past days so use these on the website for the biggest impact!

Favourite Song: If You Could See Me Now (Share your vote in a tweet.)


Favourite Music Video: If You Could See Me Now (Tell others on twitter about the vote.)

Favourite Music Fan Following: The Script Family (Ready to tweet about it? Just click here.)


Thank you all for voting here and now off you go to the People’s Choice website – you can vote as many times as you want!

Poll results:

Favourite Song

Favourite Music Video

Favourite Music Fan Following


One thought on “(Closed) Nominate The Script for People’s Choice Awards

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