October = Birthdays (part 2)

If September was the month of album releases (two out of three) then October is the month of birthdays (two out of three).

3rd of October: Danny O’Donoghue

29th of October: Mark Sheehan

(Let’s not go into the fanbase-dividing question of how old they really are 🙂 )

Mark’s birthday messages

#TheScriptFamily has outdone itself by making this day really reMARKable. (Sorry for the poor pun!)


#HappyBirthdayMarkSheehan trended in the UK not long after his birthday began, at around 2am. Well done to all who made it happen!


A lovely birthday video compiled by @ScriptLoveUK with lots of messages to and clips of our favourite ginger.

Some brilliant collages from EmmaWeeks991, sanapergi, Webbyyo, badluck_glen, makalipo and yours truly.

Another video by @TheScriptNo1Fan:

And a quick selection of other messages:

collage01Thanks to TheScriptEdit, AstashkevJulia, irish_power, EmmaMaeC and _T4NN3R for the pics

Great to see the pour of appreciation to The Script’s lovely guitarist.




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