Cucumber aka The King of the Dicks

Remember when it was Glen’s 22nd (khm) birthday in 2013 at Rock Werchter? Let me refresh your memories:

Lesson learned: when you give 3 random objects to The Script, their first question will be: “What can we make out of this?”

Memorable quotes:

Q: What do you want for your birthday?

G: A Belgian girl. And a waffle.


Danny about The Voice UK: We treat them with respect. We give bad news in a good way.


Mark: I wouldn’t say we’re millionaires. We pump everything back into our shows. We just live on a wage.

Danny: Every chance you get bigger, you invest more money into what it is but it’s also more risk and more chance to fall down.


Mark: We were really nervous. It was the Queen of England, you know.


Danny: This guy’s band is dope (about the interviewer Sean, who was in a band Nailpin)


Hope you enjoyed this summer flashback!




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