The name

“Here’s how we came up with The Script…”

Some more on that story:

Danny: “The name of the script came from after we wrote a couple songs and realised lot of them follow a story.”[1]

Mark: “Coming from Ireland we’re definitely big storytellers – our songs tend to have a beginning, a middle and an end, with lots of plot and characters in between. They’re almost like mini movies in a way!”[2]

Glen: “The band started in Los Angeles and in L.A., everyone is looking for the next big script or movie. A lot of our songs are like little stories and mini-movies. So when I called Danny in the morning, I’d ask him, “Hey Danny, what’s the script today?” and we say that all the time. So one day, we just discovered that everything is pointing towards that name. And so, we name the band The Script!”[3]

Danny also mentioned some alternatives they finally decided against:

“The other names we came up with before were really bad: Versatile, Hank Wangford and the Rambling Turkeys, and Atlantic Fantasy. So when someone suggested ‘The Script’, we all jumped on it!” [4]

[1] (The Late Late Night Show Interview)

[2] (Digital Spy, 2008 May)

[3] (MTV Asia interview)

[4] (MTV Asia interview)


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