Highlights of 2009

Did you know that in 2009…

  • The Script was made a world priority for their label, Sony BMG

danny closeup two thumbs up

  • They won the European Border Breakers Award

band red carpet 2008-2009 p3

  • Between two gigs the day before and the day after the band travelled back to the UK from America to play for the Comic Relief

glen tired at checkin 2010 conf

  • They won two Meteor Music Awards for Best Band and Best Irish Album

band meteor music awards 2008-2011

  • They supported Adele in the US

adele 2009

  • Appeared on the Next Top Model UK

band on top model uk 2009

  • Toured with Take That in the UK and Ireland

danny on stage supporting take that bw

  • Supported Paul McCartney in the US

band with paul mccartney 2009

  • Supported U2 in Dublin
  • Had a 5-night-stand in London’s Shepperd Bush Empire and Dublin’s Olympia Theatre

band on stage 2009 p2

  • They played in 10 countries, including Japan, Australia, Spain

japan tour 2009

  • Had at least 111 gigs throughout the year

gig Q answer


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