For 2014, I wish you…

It’s been only about 8 months since I first heard of The Script and the band, their music, their personality and above all their fans, took my life by storm. To be part of #TheScriptFamily is the best thing that happened to me in 2013 and I wish you all the best things you can dream about for the new year.

I wish you an iron suit so whatever comes in your way it doesn’t destroy you.


I wish you less heartaches. Pain is part of life but it’s not what makes us alive.


I wish you adventures, a little danger, a stretch outside of your comfort zone.


I wish you common sense to know how much you can take; I wish you less work, more fun.


I wish you persistence to reach your dreams, or what’s the most important: to take that step towards them. No matter how slow it seems, it’s the direction of your journey that counts.


I wish you lots of self-love and to quit comparing yourself to others. Paraphrasing Einstein they might be monkeys who climb trees easily but if you’re a fish, that’s not what you were born to do. Love who you are.


I wish you strength to work hard and play hard.


I wish you high peaks to climb and faith to reach them.


I wish you to be the perfect version of yourself.


I wish you lot of fun!


I wish you the truth. YOUR truth, your reality, your pink glasses that you see the world through.


I wish you big dreams. I wish that inner critic in your head shuts up and lets you be magnificent.


I wish you’ll be hell bent to get to where you want to. To walk your path, in your own time, with your own resources.


I wish you to be whole. To take those broken pieces from the floor and put yourself back together.


I wish you find your own direction to turn the bad things into wonderful, tears into diamonds.


I wish you love. Not only to be there when it knocks on your door but for you to run and chase after it. To take chances, to take the risks – and to win.


I wish you find the place where you belong. To find people who understand you, who care about you.


I wish you courage to follow your calling, your heart, your dreams. To be different; to take another path.


I wish you to overcome all the difficulties that come along the way. To face them at least and never hide.


I wish you great wins. To keep going until you get there.


I wish you to stand up for what you believe in. To have the courage to protect those who need it, to speak up for those who don’t have a voice.


I wish you great memories. Forgive the tears, remember the laughter.


I wish you have all that you need.


I wish you to get the best out of everything.


I wish you understanding and patience towards others. Everyone has a story you don’t know about, don’t be harsh to judge.


I wish you stop putting others on pedestals. Nobody is perfect and nobody is better (or worse) than you. We’re just simply unique.


I wish you to go for what you want with full steam. Don’t let anybody stop or deter you.


I wish you to be part of the race and finish it. If you do, you’ve already won.


I wish you the kind of luck where opportunity meets preparation.


I wish you experience, lessons, improvement.


I wish you thorns and roses. Good and bad. Tears and smiles. Day and night. Sunshine and starlight. They’re all just two faces of the same coin.


I wish you to keep looking and never give up.


I wish you to enjoy whatever life brings.


I wish you great friends and soulmates, unconditional support and love.


I wish you faith in your own strength, strength for your battles, battles for your wins, wins for your faith.


I wish you the best year you can have, the exact year that you need!




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