What’s Your Script-Story?

Do you have a story about The Script? Some of you have already met them, others felt inspired by their music or their words, some received phone calls or other acknowledgements. Some of you were kind enough already to share your thoughts about what The Script means to you and have to tell you, those little stories are truly inspirational.

If you feel up to it, here’s your chance. Answer any of the questions below or write about what The Script means to you.

  • What happened when you met any of the lads? (Was it a meet&greet, after a gig or unexpectedly at an airport, on the street etc.?)
  • What happened when you talked to them? (In person, on the phone, in writing)
  • How were you inspired/supported by them? (Arts, music, writing etc.)
  • Do you have any special story related to them? (Walked down the aisle to their song, met someone through their music, travelled somewhere because of them etc.)

Use the comment button below or send us an email (thescriptbible at gmail dot com) or message us on facebook or on twitter. Any format, any length, any story is welcome. Just make sure it’s in English 🙂

Can’t wait to hear what the lads mean to you!




2 thoughts on “What’s Your Script-Story?

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  2. My story is rather boring but here it is.
    I have never met any of the lads, been to any of their gigs or even seen them from a far. I had heard some of their music from the first and second albums but never knew who they were I just knew I liked it. The first time I ever saw who they were was when Danny was on The Voice and a friend of mine told me to watch it as she was enjoying the show so I did. Danny’s complete devotion to music and the fact that he eats, sleeps and breaths it lead me to go back and find their music and really listen to it. I found that I was able to escape the hum drum of normal life and stress of work by hearing their words and being able to take some of their songs and associate it with parts of my life past and present. I was sold from that point!
    Thanks to The Script I have gained some amazing friends from the cray universe of Twitter and even met some of them too. Thanks to the lads I have expanded my little world to include the whole of it from here in Yorkshire to the far end of Australia!!!
    When they released #3 I ordered it straight away and like the other 2 albums I loved it. I know this little tale is not in direct relation to meeting them or anything but if it wasn’t for The Script and their amazing music I wouldn’t have met my new friends so I have to say thank you to them for that. I shall be rectifying the fact I have never seen them live this year hopefully too and meet some more of my girls, that includes you huni, when we all tour round the UK and Ireland to see them like sad little groupies!!!!
    Boring story over now :))
    Thanks Andrea xxx

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