Vote for The Script (again :) )

Given the popularity of our lovely Irish trio, it’s no surprise that there’s always something going on for them. Nomination after nomination it’s up to YOU to make sure that they get the accolade they deserve.

band signing 2008

If you just need the links without the tips, here they are:

The Shorty Award – closes on 18th of February

The award recognises best use of social media, and as the name suggest, the short form it. So if you agree that The Script is one of the best among the bands on twitter, instagram, facebook and the likes, CLICK HERE and make sure you give a reason, otherwise the vote is not accepted.

Please note: you can only vote once per account. Multiple tweets only count as one vote and RT’s don’t count.

Vote for Best Fanbase

This is a non-official category but I think it’s worth tweeting it and I definitely think that The Script Family deserves to be acknowledged for its overall talent, team spirit and positive attitude. If you agree, click here and finish the tweet.

Hot Press Readers’ Award – closes 2nd of February, 6pm (Irish time)

Best Group

Hot Press is Ireland’s most famous music magazine and have done numerous interviews with The Script in the past. The band is now in the top ten finalists that have got the most nominations in the first round.

Click here to vote (make sure you sign in first through facebook or your account if you’ve got one)

hot press voteBest Male

Vote for Danny here.

Best Live Act

Vote for The Script here.

PS: The Original Rudeboys

As you may know the ORBs are close to The Script. Last year they toured together in Europe, UK and Ireland and they both have said great things about each other. Their new single was released in November and it’s great, check it out.

You can vote for them as well (I’m including only categories where The Script is not nominated):

Meteor Choice Awards

Hotties 2014: Track of the Year

Hotties 2014: Best songwriter (Sean Arkins)

Get voting! 🙂




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