Birthplaces of the first album

The Script in studio” series: Seeing that the lads are working away in their studio at the moment, I thought it’s time to look back to their previous visits to the “madhouse” as they like to refer to it.

venice beach

Venice Beach was where “the condom of the music industry broke and The Script was born” as Mark put it bluntly. Himself and Danny who were living in LA at the time, spent Fridays at their home studio, writing or jamming out various musicians from Pearl Jam to Nine Inch Nails.

“We’d get messed up and that was our Friday night out.” (Mark)

When Glen arrived from Dublin to have a vacation in LA, he met the guys in the studio and they started jamming together.

When he told them first that he was a drummer, Mark didn’t believe him. He’d seen Glen in Dublin as a guitarist and he thought that calling himself a drummer was “fucking cocky”. So at the first chance they put him on the kit to see if he could swim. He sure did. The continued their jamming the next day and the day after that and the day after that, rather ruining Glen’s holiday but ending up with a couple of solid songs.

“The only Venice Beach I saw was on a postcard on the wall.” (Glen)

One of the first songs born out of those sessions was ‘Before The Worst’. Seeing this video from 2007 gives a good feeling of what their jamming might have looked like.



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