The Script Around The World

There are fans in all corners of the world from Dublin to New York, Manila to London. Let’s hear from you!

around the worldThere’s a lot of things to love about the lads: their music, their lyrics, their genuineness, their gratitude or the fact that they’re not bad to look at, but here’s my most favourite thing about The Script: their fans. You guys.

You’re literally everywhere in the world, from all kinds of stages in life, but there’s one thing in common apart from loving the lads: you’re bloody amazing. (And stop saying otherwise.)

This is your chance to shine

I’d like the lads know, I’d like the whole world know what they mean to us, what is it like to be a fan, a scriptette, a member of The Script Family. So I’d like to invite you to be interviewed (skype, email whatever) and the best ones will be shared not only here but sent to the band as well. Apply here if interested and please share the news, I’d love to make it big! 🙂

I’d be happy to talk to you if you’d like to share YOUR Script-Story – via skype, G+, emails, facebook or tweets, it doesn’t really matter: your story is what matters, and believe me when I say this, there’s no boring stories here.

So what do you think, is it something you’d like to read about it? Let me know.




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