The shed in Dublin

The second part of “The Script in studio” series takes us to the shed in James’s street, Dublin.

danny we cry screenshot 2008

It was a joyous moment. Three lads from Dublin, working hard all their lives, finally signed a record deal in America. Of course it had happened before with MyTown, and Mark and Danny were likely to hold back on the celebration. But then more shit hit the fans: news were received about Mark’s mother having terminal cancer. The band moved back to Dublin, and they set up a studio in the back garden of Mark’s mother’s house, just behind St James’s Hospital where she was soon moved to.

“We were going through what felt like the most joyous fucking days of our lives and we now had this to deal with. She had cancer and there was no hope. It was a kick in the fucking teeth.” (Danny)

It wasn’t easy on anyone. Mark spent his nights with his mum and came back to the studio pouring all his pain and emotions into the songs. The others could do nothing but be there for him and manage the ups and downs of those 10 months as well as possible. Mark drew comfort from the fact that his mum saw him fell in love and heard some of their songs.

“In her eyes I was always successful because I was following my dreams” (Mark)

Within four months of Mark’s mother’s death, the trio faced another crisis when Danny’s father suddenly passed away. Right in the middle of it all, he was there one day, and gone the next. Writing music was the outlet that helped them, “going into the studio was like therapy sessions”, Danny said, and the songs born in that period reflected what the band collectively went through.

One of those songs is the poignant ‘The End Where I Begin’ that doesn’t focus on only the loss, but also the recovery.

“It’s a paradox, because it’s so sad that the two of them aren’t here to see our success, but we wouldn’t have made the album we did if it hadn’t all happened.” (Mark)



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