Olympic Studios

The next stop of “The Script in studio” series is a famous studio in south-west London.

olympic sound studiosThe band finished recording The Script album in this studio that had more than 40 years of memory edged into its walls. Olympic Studios was established in 1957 and moved to its current location in 1967 where it was built to be the best and compete with the best. Having achieved that The Rolling Stones recorded 6 albums here and other famous artists include Jimmy Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Queen – even the Beatles left their usual spot at Abbey Road to record here. (Wanna read about how it went? Guitar World talked to Eddie Kramer, the legendary engineer working with The Beatles in 1967.) 

The Rolling Stones at the Olympic Studios, 1968 Source: http://www.philsbook.com/olympic.html

The Rolling Stones at the Olympic Studios, 1968
Source: http://www.philsbook.com/olympic.html

The lads did not seem to be intimidated by this successful history in the videos they made about the recordings. They all said before that having pretty much grown up in studios, they feel the most comfortable and happy there and these videos totally reflect that.

Watch them so you can learn about:

  1. What happens to the ceiling of the studio;
  2. Why does Glen get a man-cave;
  3. The secret language of the lads when it comes to talking about drumming.

Paying attention to every detail, going through every beat and every line with their producing hat on, The Script finalised their debut album ready for release.

“There’s a lot of throwaway music around nowadays. We like to think of every layer that goes into our re­cords.” (Danny)

Today the studio has been turned into a cinema but during its rich history some familiar names pop up:

  • David Bowie recorded Diamond Dogs here in 1973-74. Mark being the big Bowie fan must’ve enjoyed that.
  • Some tracks on Kaiser Chief’s Employment album from 2005 have been recorded and/or mixed here. Their lead singer, Ricky Wilson is now sitting in Danny’s chair on The Voice UK.
  • Snow Patrol, Ireland’s other popular band had their fifth album, A Hundred Million Suns mixed here in the same year when The Script.
  • The Zutons, who The Script toured with in 2008, had their second album partially recorded here.
  • U2 was the last band recording in the studios in 2011 before it closed down.

Do you have any favourite songs from the album?



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