Science and Faith in Santa Monica

The Script in studio” series: the second album, Science & Faith was written from October 2009 to June 2010.

It’d been two years on the road with the first album that took the band to more than 20 countries from Ireland to Japan, from America to New Zealand, supporting bands like U2, Take That or Paul McCartney. (See the gigs here.) Before going on the road with American Idol winner, David Cook in November of 2009, The Script took a break in Santa Monica.

They were in and out the studio in between appearing on radio and TV shows like Ellen promoting still the first album.

So what’s the songwriting process like in the land of The Script?

“It can start with any number of things happening, usually a guitar riff or piano part or a great lyrical line someone has come up with or overheard being said somewhere and then we just go with the flow and jam out till we are all feeling it.” (Glen)

And the glue that holds it together – tea of course.

As all three members play various instruments, it happens that Glen comes up with a piano riff or Danny finishes the lyrics Mark started or Mark arranges percussion. They go back and forth between each other. They said that there’s not one main songwriter in the band, they all can do various parts of the songwriting process at any given time. Since they have different tastes in music, that mashup creates the unique sound of The Script:

“We’re all into different types of music and always feel like we’re collaborating when we actually work together within the band.” (Danny)

Despite of all the recognition they give to Glen in interviews, the vast majority of their songs credit Danny and Mark as songwriters albeit this second album marks Glen’s highest contribution in the song-writing with 5 songs.

songs cowritten by glen TSB

What’s your favourite song of the second album?



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