Studios of the second album

The Script in studio” series: Science & Faith was recorded in three studios of Los Angeles, New York and London.

And away we go again, but where to???

And away we go again, but where to??? (twitpic from The Script)

The work started in Santa Monica, in between some touring and promo in America, with playing with the first ideas and recording the first songs.

“It was amazing. We’d get up every morning and just jam. We got the guts of three songs down very quickly. It started to come hot and heavy after that.” (Glen)

The Script worked in the studio of Apogee Electronics, that was only built in 2005 with the most modern digital audio equipment of the company. The whole building is solar powered and the space is also used for the KCRW radio’s live sessions. Given the band’s long experience in studio work, these little geeky details likely played a role in deciding on the venue.

In its short history the studio had seen a long line of successful artists like Adele (who was on tour with The Script in 2009), Damien Rice (another Irish gem) or big names like Bruce Springsteen and The Rolling Stones. As a side-business to their manufacturing Apogee Electronics donates all profits from the studio to a Mexican charity that supports orphans and abandoned children.

Come the first months of 2010 The Script worked in London and in New York. But the biggest inspiration for the second album was going home for the Christmas holidays. Mark put it this way:

“Everyone really wanted to come home, it was Christmas time and I guess we were hoping to come back and share our success with everyone. But actually we hit a very stark reality. Ireland has been one of the worst hit when it comes to recession. We had an economic boom in this country where we all had money and we didn’t really know what to do with it. And we found a lot of our friends and families were literally stripped of that.”

This experience was written into the song For The First Time which was The Script’s first number one single in Ireland. It resonated so much with the country that it became equivalent with the Irish recession.

The song also set the tone for the whole album in a way:

“I felt like it was something that could be a real flagship, to set the tone for what we want to talk about, emotionally.  And the rest has spun off from there.” (Danny)

Recording the album continued in Sphere Studios, central London, that had seen successful artists like Duran Duran, Northern Irish virtuoso guitarist Gary Moore or It was a big complex with 3 main studios and 7 writing rooms but it closed after 13 years the beginning of February this year.

sphere studios

Uncharacteristically the band took a promo “break” from the intensive studio work. Since the first album was only released in 2009 in the USA, The Script went to New York for a couple weeks in March, 2010. They appeared on talkshows, recorded a live session for VH1 and had some intimate gigs. True to their hard-working reputation all this did not keep them away from the studio:

In the studio in NY! (twitpic, 5 Mar 2010)

No wonder that when they came back to London, they felt enthusiastic about the new songs. As their bio page said on their website at the time:

The scene is a recording studio in London.  (…)  Danny and Mark cannot sit still.  They are leaping about to the music blasting from huge speakers, an addictive blend of hip hop rhythms, flowing melodies, sparkling hooks and emotive, story-spinning lyrics, with Danny’s mellifluous soulful vocals riding high over huge, anthemic choruses.  This is their forthcoming second album, ‘Science And Faith’, and it is fair to say the band are excited. The studio door flies open, and in bursts drummer Glen. “I’ve nailed that track lads!” he declares.  “Wait til you hear it! I’ve got blisters on my hands!”

Drummers delight 😦 Just home from the studio..this is what happens after uv had some time off!!! 😦 G

After some trips back to the US to appear on the Today show and over to Spain the album was finished in June.

Listening to some vibe..roight! G (twitpic, 8 June 2010)

Just a couple weeks later ‘For The First Time’ has its radio debut in the middle of July and was released around the 20th of August. In quick succession the album ‘Science and Faith’ was released on the 10th of September in Ireland.

Love, Andrea

Coming up: Timing of the third album.
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