Studio 3, London

The Script in studio” series: #3 in studio 3

ben and danny in studio funny face 2012

The studio was partly behind the album’s name:

“And the studio we were in was studio 3. It’s the third album and there’s three of us in the band so if we were gonna do it, the time is now. As we were moving along all those little idiosyncrasies of number three were crawling along. Danny’s birthday is on the third, he lives house number three, there’s just so many things that were paving the way of calling it number three.” (Mark)

More than previously The Script kept in touch during their studio hours. Sometimes they were teasers about the new songs:

Other times they were just updates about how good things were going:

My favourites are the ones that told a little more about what was going on in the studio:

The band also prepared a video update. What did we learn?

  • They still don’t have proper jobs
  • Mark burns water
  • Glen’s favourite part about recording is to try out new ideas
  • They took Mona Lisa from Louvre to their studio (well, almost)
  • An album is never finished: they’re still writing TMWCBM

One thing’s for sure: it’s never boring in The Script studio!




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