Working on the 4th album

The last of “The Script in studio” series: let’s talk about the fourth album in the making.

The band announced at V-fest 2013 that come autumn they head for another round of studio work, aka “hibernation”.

But work on the new songs started earlier during the summer.

Not even a minor traffic accident curbed their enthusiasm about writing new songs:

After the American tour with Train The Script worked in Dublin’s Temple Lane studios (in motivating closeness to the famous Wall of Fame that displays Dublin’s most beloved musical acts).

glen in front of wall of fame dublin

Glen in front of Wall of Fame in Temple Bar

The place is an old establishment, it has probably witnessed many fascinating moments of music history in its 30 years with Rihanna recoding Love The Way You Lie and other familiar names from Snow Patrol, Morissey, Kanye West or Black Eyed Peas.

will i am in temple lane recording studios 2010 in Temple Lane Recording Studios, 2010

An interesting fact: a song named “The Man Who Couldn’t Cry” was recorded here in 2004 by Jack L.

Temple Lane was not the only studio they worked in though. Another Irish studio, the Edge Studio also confirmed that The Script worked there and they also wrote that the band is working again with Jimbo Barry.

"Danny from The Script, and producer Jimbo Barry joined us for a very long and productive recording session writing tunes for The Script’s next album."

“Danny from The Script, and producer Jimbo Barry joined us for a very long and productive recording session writing tunes for The Script’s next album.”

It looked like The Script started with full steam writing the new songs. Already in the beginning of October they tweeted about having three songs done:

Working tirelessly all night long:

Despite all that effort the band is not any kind of rush:

Mark said in December they won’t stop until they’re completely happy with the songs and it’s not any time soon:

A couple weeks ago Danny was talking about singles but he didn’t give any planned date away:

As for the plans for 2014 the only thing confirmed so far is the tour in the US with One Republic from the end of May until the end of the August. Recently Gibraltar Music Fest also announced that The Script will headline there on the 6th of September. A lot of us hope that some material will see the light of the day before these tour dates but there’s no official information about any release dates as of yet.

This concludes our overview of how The Script works and worked in the studio according to snippets dropped over the years. One thing that will always be hard to put into words is how that particular magic that is the birth of a song actually happens. And that’s probably for the better. A little mystery never hurts.




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