Announcement: The Script Around The World has started!

I’m dedicating March to The Script Family and all those ways The Script is present in our lives every day. Why? Because I believe this is a two-way street.

band on stage 2012 SBE 1

The Script has opened their hearts and stayed true to who they were and that made many of us opening up just the same. They gave us their music, their time, pieces of their soul from time to time and it comes naturally that it’s reciprocated with the same emotional honesty and raw talent.

There are so many different people I got to know in the last few months simply through one common point: The Script. From young to ageless, from mothers to daughters, from Dublin to Singapore, so many different people came together that it made me wonder: what would a random sample look like, what is “the voice” of The Script fans like?

During the next 4 weeks I’ll share those conversations we had about The Script so that you can all see: we’re all different but we’re all the same. We’ve grown like branches around The Script tree, and man, aren’t you all just beautiful.

the script family by andrea

So stay tuned, Mondays and Thursdays I’ll share a fan interview or a selection of messages you sent to the lads and on Sundays, it’s twitter time! Use the hashtag #TheScriptAroundTheWorld  to join in the conversation, I’ve invited a guest in The Script Family for every week to give their interview live and online. Exciting!

Mark your calendars: every Sunday in March at 7pm GMT. See you on twitter but don’t forget to check back here.




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