The Script Around The World: Meet Hannah

First fan interview about The Script is with Hannah, who lives in the UK, been a fan since the beginnings and met the band for 21 times!

Hannah, tell us a little bit about your hometown!

hannah MK concrete cowsMy hometown, Milton Keynes, is a pretty small town built in 1967 to take pressure off of London.  London was getting really overcrowded and Milton Keynes is halfway between London and Northampton. It  is famous for having concrete cows, lots of roundabouts, buying a football team so we could have our own, called the MK Dons. It’s also really well-known for its grid road system. We have an outdoor music venue called The Bowl where huge artists have played over the years including Michael Jackson, Queen, Take That, Mcfly, Swedish House Mafia, The Foo Fighters and (playing this summer) Kings of Leon.

How did you hear about the guys?

I first heard about the guys thanks to my brother who is 3 years older than me. Back in 2008 when we had to sneak onto the house computer to use the internet after school/college, I was doing my own thing online when my brother came back from college and told me I “HAD to” check out this band that he and his mates had been listening to that day. So he opened up YouTube and showed me the music video for The Man Who Can’t Be Moved and we watched it a few times. Later on that day I went on my laptop and found the We Cry music video as well.

So the next day after school I got my mum to go to the shops with me so I could buy the debut album (seeing as it was marked Parental Guidance due to the swearing in some of the tracks and I was only 14 at the time). Since then I’m a huge fan of the guys of course, my brother not as much but he still appreciates some of their songs!

How big is The Script in England?

The Script are pretty big in England but at the same time not – they’re not as mainstream as artists like Rihanna or One Direction so they’re not always in the charts for example. When they go to radio stations it’s mostly just a small group of us fans who go to meet them.

Meeting The Script

I have met the guys a fair few times before/after gigs, at tv/radio promo times and a couple of times after they’ve landed at airports. They’ve been true gents and great with the banter every time. I’ve been to see them play live 21 times so far since 2009! Birmingham, London, Bridlington, Brighton, Dublin, Derry, Auckland, Leicester, Thetford…! Great every single time 🙂

Hannah Clarkson The Script

On one occasion Danny made me a video message when I was in my 2nd year of A Levels. It was for my media teacher after she had come over to me during my media lesson the day before asking if Danny knew me. He was saying to her that he’s a “massive massive massive fan and friend” of mine, so that was a pretty epic moment!

Lyrics that mean a lot

For The First Time‘ was played on the radio for the first time on the same day that I met Danny (any member of The Script in general really) for the first time so it will always be a significant song.

One of the lyrics that really means a lot to me is from I’m Yours – the lines “though my edges may be rough, I never feel I’m quite enough” and “I know I don’t fit in that much” represent my insecurities. I know I’m not a majorly popular person and I have musician friends whom I count myself lucky to know so that I wonder why they don’t mind being friends with a shy, social outcast like myself.

Also the lines “you wrap your thoughts in works of art and they’re hanging on the walls of my heart” represent the guys’ songs (not just The Script’s but my other musician friends’ too) and how much some of them really mean to me, how I can relate to their songs.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done as a The Script fan?

The craziest thing I’ve done for The Script would probably be fly to the exact other side of the world to go to their concert! I flew from London, England to Auckland, New Zealand as my aunt and uncle are too fans of the band and bought a ticket for me to go to the concert at the Vector Arena with them and my cousins.

Also I’ve done things like bunked school to queue all day at concerts to get front row and forked out a fair bit of money to get last minute trains to London to meet the guys at radio promo, and at my first gig I spent about £30 – £40 on gifts for the guys and crew which I had to get the venue staff to pass on to Quinner to pass on to the guys!

We also did a picture for the original fanbook in 2010 with my fellow MK Script fans Beth and Caroline at our Grafton Street in Milton Keynes – and we got epically photobombed haha. Considering MK is very small and we have mutual friends from school days we only first found each other on the lads’ Kyte page, small world! If you go to the wiki page for Grafton Street you’ll see at the top of the page the link to little ol’ MK’s one 🙂

hannah grafton street

What do you love the most about The Script Family?

The best part about The Script family is having people to fangirl with :’) When I  first was a fan of the guys not many people understood it really. My school friends just accepted it pretty much but my family for years didn’t understand how much the guys mean to me and how they’re definitely a positive influence rather than negative. Even people at uni took the whole of first year to persuade and I don’t know if they quite accept it yet or not. I’ve never been madly popular at school so having friends all round the world who I have so much in common with is great and we can all talk about Scripty stuff comfortably knowing that we won’t be judged for it!

What do you expect from album 4?

I’m expecting album 4 to be just as amazing as the others! It’ll show not only progression in the band but also a clearer emphasis on their roots like the original album as opposed to #3. It’ll be perfect for the fanbase and not as mainstream as #3 so it’ll help to regain their own identity / re-establish who they are and what they stand for to the public.

Thank you so much Hannah for taking the time to answer all my questions, it’s been lovely to hear your stories and I’m sure you’ve loads more to tell!

You can find Hannah on twitter, say hi to her!



PS: Tune in on Sunday at 7PM GMT (UK time) for our weekly chat, this time with Sophie!


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