The Script Around The World: Meet Lucie

Lucie is from the Czech Republic and she’s running the country’s The Script fan account as well. She’s one of those fans who’s yet to meet the lads but hooked enough to make sure it’ll happen.

What can you tell us about the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic is a small country in the very heart of Europe, with a population of about 10.5 million. I was born and raised in the north in a small town / larger village called Jilove and studied in the capital, Prague. Prague is THE place to see!


Our small country suffered for 40 years due to the communist dictatorship but thanks to all the brave people in 1989 we became a democratic constitution. Before that the music scene and culture in general was very strictly monitored by the authorities, there was no freedom in any aspects of life. Luckily that changed and people can travel the world, learn languages, have access to the other cultures.

Is The Script big there?

Unfortunately not. And I hope that is because of the size of the country. But there are definitely fans of The Script. When I see their posts they have one thing in common – they love the lads and want to see them live in the Czech Republic.

Another problem is the social media. Czech people really do not do Twitter. And as we know Twitter is the place to be for a communication between people from all around the world, especially seeing what your idols and role models are up to.

I have started the CZScriptFamily account as my second account, dedicated purely to lads and their music, with an aim to spread the word about them and get more Czech fans to join Twitter. There were a few but this is my long term mission and I hope one day the fan base will be bigger.

Czech promo header

How did you hear about the guys?

The Voice UK! I had no idea who Danny was, and I didn’t check him out during the first series. I don’t know why, and am kicking myself for it now, because with their music I could have personally gone through life obstacles more easily.

But Dan grew on me during the second series of The Voice so that was the first step.

danny voice tongue out

I then checked the Internet, ordered #3, and after one listening of #3 I ordered the other two albums and since then I was hooked.

I tweeted from my private account (my second tweet related to The Script, I swear!) and Glen started following me back! I didn’t even know how much the lads use Twitter. So it was April 2013 when I was born into The Script Family 🙂

Meeting The Script

I haven’t met them yet (that’s about to change with the next European tour) so that moment is still to come. Brace yourselves!

Do you have any favourites?

Well, picking my favourite member wouldn’t be fair. I can imagine having Dan as a best mate, Mark as a slightly older brother (I’m 34) and Glen as someone I would go to for advice and a smashing cup of tea.

glen and tea house

Broken Arrow grabs me by guts and I have “A winner never quits, quitters never win” tattooed on my forearm.

lucie tattoo

What do you love the most about The Script Family?

It’s a fan base like no other. Young ones, old ones, students, mums, dads, dogs…. and the music and the way Mark, Glen and Dan are like, bring us together, no hate, no silly things, fans are nice to each other.

What do you expect from album 4?

I think Dan mentioned on Twitter it should be back to the beginning, the as I say ‘old skool’ Script and that is something I am looking forward to. I love ‘Before The Worst’ from that era. And I hope that we get to hear Glen’s voice.

Photos from Prague

Kevin Westenberg had a photoshoot with The Script in Prague – he takes fabulous photos. It looks like they’re under a Nusle’s bridge. Unfortunately many people chosen the bridge as a way to end their lives by jumping off it. There is also one from a train station (with the train tracks behind boys) that could easily be the main Wilson’s station in Prague. 🙂

Thank you so much Lucie for taking the time to answer all my questions, it was great talking to you and I really hope 2014 will be the year when you meet The Script in person!

Say hi to Lucie on twitter!



PS: Tune in on Sunday at 7PM GMT (UK time) for our weekly chat, this time with Melinda!


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