The Script Around The World: Twitter chat with Melinda

It was more than a week ago that we had our twitter chat with Melinda, who is well-known as the creator of The Script Quotes’ beautiful edits, that’s already been shared by 5 times by the lads.

Melinda, can you tell us a little of where in the scripty world are you located?

I am from Romania, but I am actually Hungarian. Romania is beautiful I just never had the chance to travel around it to see the beautiful Transylvania. The places. The stunning nature. I am living in a village. This is next to it.


There are lots of beautiful buildings. This is my university.


That’s all this country can give…and țuica. That’s a drink.

How did you hear about the guys?

It was in 2011 – I was at my best friend’s house who’d been a fan since 2008 and I heard Science and Faith. I listened to the whole album and I was like: How in the hell I’ve never heard of them?! I fell in love with them instantly.

Is The Script big in that corner of the world?

Since Hall of Fame, they are. And some people heard about Breakeven too. Thanks to my page lots of people met their music now. They’re played on the radio, mostly HOF but I heard Six Degrees, Millionaires and Breakeven, too.

Have you ever met them or been to a gig yet?

Nope. Not yet. But I want to meet them so bad. Next year I want to (desperately) go to London. Hopefully they will have a gig there.

Do you have a favourite song or lyric?

Hard choice. Really hard. Maybe ‘It’s harder to smell the roses when the sun don’t shine…’ Broken Arrow is breath-taking. Danny admitted on Twitter that they made a video for it. I would LOVE to see it.


As for the lads, I love them equally.

What crazy things have you done for the lads?

Hmm. I sang Hall Of Fame in the front of 30 kids and 6 teachers in an English class. I also did a university project with Danny’s face!


What do you expect from album 4?

Back to the basics. I hope they will use the same vibe they used on the first two albums. Inspiring, breath-taking, meaningful, flawless, something to listen to in every situation.

What do you love the most about The Script Family?

Unconditional love. When you say: I am a Scriptette everybody is welcoming you with love not matter what.

That’s beautifully said. Thank you so much Melinda for taking the time to answer all my questions, it’s been lovely to get to know you a little better.

You can find Melinda on twitter and on their facebook page, say hi to her!



PS: Tune in on Sunday at 7PM GMT (UK time) for our weekly chat, this time with Frederica!


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