The Script Around The World: Germany

Today I’d like to share the stories of two German fans with you: Elena and Nadine, who are coincidentally from the same region and both been fans since We Cry in 2008. 

Can you tell us a little about where you’re from?

Elena: I live in a smaller town (about 20,000 inhabitants) in a southwestern German Region named Palatinate, near Mannheim/Heidelberg.


Nadine: I live in Germany in a village called Leimen, which is near Heidelberg. Heidelberg is known for the oldest University in Germany, the Heidelberger Castle and has a lovely historic city centre.

Is The Script big in your country?

Elena: Their first two records haven’t been that big here, but “Hall of Fame” is the title track of “Kokowääh 2”, which is a very successful German film, so the band got a bit more recognization.

Nadine: I wouldn’t say that they’re really big, but Hall of Fame definitely made them more known in Germany, thanks Til Schweiger 😉 Don’t know what’s wrong with the Germans there, they should be huge!

How did you hear about the guys?

Elena: I listened to “We Cry” on the radio back in the summer of 2008, watched the video on YouTube, bought the single, got the album for Christmas… That was it then. Their music always cheers me up when I’m feeling down or supports my mood to get even better, depending on the song.

Nadine: The first time I’ve heard of them was back in 2008/9 not sure anymore. Back then I used to live in Austria and there was this music channel called “gotv” and they played new music, nothing that was played on Mtv and that’s where I saw We cry the first time and completely fell in love with this song. So I downloaded a few songs and looked them up on the internet. In summer of 2009 I had the chance to live in Ireland for 3 months and I remember seeing an article in the newspapers about a concert, but I had to work. After that I kind of lost track and gladly found my way back to them in 2012/13.

Have you met them or been to a gig?

Elena: Not yet, hopefully on their next tour. The Script have been in my area on a festival in 2008. I wasn’t there, because… well… I was 12 back then.

glen on stage 2013 pointing

Nadine: No I’ve never met them or been to a gig. I decided to travel to Leeds last year. Took me almost 10 hours to get there, but we all know what happened then.

Do you have a favourite member/song/lyric?

Elena: Favourite member and song changes almost every day; fave lyric is “I’m sick of looking for those heroes in the sky, to teach us how to fly, together we cry”, but I also love loads of the others.

Nadine: I love all of the guys, but I have to say, that I immediately liked Dan when I saw him in 2009, so this didn’t change. Favourite song and lyric are tough. I think they depend on the mood I am in and there are so many favourite lyrics, where should I start? Well, I guess Broken Arrow is really special to me, I can’t explain why, it’s just a feeling that I have when I listen to this song.

What do you expect from album 4?

Elena: I hope The Script don’t turn into that everyday mainstream stuff you get to hear on the radio every day, and maintain their inspiring lyrics.

Nadine: I think the lads have done a great job so far when it comes to writing music and all I want is that they stay true to who they are. Maybe a bit more rock’n’roll! An acoustic version of a song would be pretty cool as well and for the rest I think, they’ll put a lot of emotion in their songs as they always do.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for TS?

Elena: Well… I havent’t been to any of their gigs so far, I don’t have any of their lyrics tattooed, so… I must admit… nothing.

Nadine: Don’t know if you can call that crazy, but travelling to Leeds all the way from Germany just to see a band was pretty crazy for me!  Oh and I have a broken arrow tattoo with the initials of the band in it.

What’s the best part of being in The Script family?

Elena: There are people from all over the world sharing one passion, I love that.

Nadine: That it’s really like a family. When I have a bad day/ week, I can always count on them and  I know I’ll feel better in the end. Everyone is so caring and we’re always having a proper laugh. They make me feel at home and loved in my darkest moments, I can be myself and don’t have to be afraid that they’ll throw hate at me. I’ve met a lot of wonderful and talented people from whom I can learn so many things and I can truly call my friends.

Thank you girls so much for talking about The Script and I hope the next tour will bring them to Heidelberg!

Check out Elena and Nadine on twitter and say hi (or “hallo wie geht’s” in German) to them!



PS: The next twitter live chat will be on Sunday, at 7pm UK time. Join me chatting to Frederica from the US.


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