The Script Around The World: Meet Jasinta and Jean Carlo

Today we visit two corners of the world: Jasinta is from South Africa while Jean Carlo talked to us from the Philippines!

What can you tell us about your hometown?

Jasinta: I’m from South Africa. I love it here. We have so many diverse cultures all mingled together, everyone is so friendly, the weather is stunning every day and the lots of the food is completely unique to SA. We’ve got amazing wildife with so many nature reserves where you can really be so close to the animals. You could actually feed some lion clubs at some places! There are too may places of interest for me to list but my favourite it Table Mountain. I’ve been up twice and it’s so gorgeous! The best thing to do on a Sunday (or any day) is hang out with your family at a braai (what the rest of the world calls a barbeque). I love living here and I am so PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN 🙂 🙂

JC: Philippines.. hmmm.. we have a lot of tourist destinations, and we are very hospital people. sometimes too much hospitable…

How did you hear about the guys?

Jasinta: I was watching The Voice US and someone sang “Breakeven” and I recognised the song but I didn’t know who sang it. I was asking around in my class and my best friend told me it’s The Script. From them on I listened to them more and more and just completely fell irrevocably in love with those incredible Irish boys!

JC: I first heard them because of my friend. She was listening to The Man Who Can’t Be Moved so I downloaded it to my phone with some of their other songs and from that day, I became a huge fan.

Is The Script big in your country?

Jasinta:  The Script aren’t as big here as they are in the UK/Ireland but the fanbase is growing wildly and they get played on local radio stations frequently. When they were here in 2011, they did a show at the Coca-Cola Dome in my city, Johannesburg and it was The Script’s biggest ever indoor show of 18 300, a record that is yet to be broken… We’re DYING to have them back to crush it! DYING TO HAVE THEM BACK!

JC:  Yep.. a lot of people know The Script and their music. They are everywhere!

Have you met the lads or seen them live?

Jasinta: They were here in 2011 but I wasn’t a fan back then (I HATE that I wasn’t!), so I am yet to see them live or meet them. I’ve got so many plans if they come back!

JC:  Sad to say, I never got the chance to see them. Never saw them perform live but I’m hoping to see them next year. I wouldn’t want to miss them for the 3rd time!

Do you have any favourites?

Jasinta: I love all the boys insanely, but yeah, my favourite is Danny. He’s absolutely amazing. He’s so caring, sweet, cute, funny and I LOVE how passionate he is about everything he does, especially with music, I LOVE how it’s his whole life. I love how grounded he stays and how thankful he (all of them) are for every single show.

glen and danny on stage sitting p2

Favorite song is “If You Could See Me Now”. I don’t relate but I feel it from Dan and Mark. I admire the bare, raw honesty in this song, that they didn’t hide anything from us. That they are brave enough to bare their souls for them and also to help other people in that situation. It just makes them so much more relatable. It’s real. It’s amazing how they trusted us with this song that means SO much to them. It’s just The Script. I love them SO very much and I treasure this song.

Favourite lyric is “Dad, you should see the tours that I’m on”, because honesty I wish Dan’s dad (It feels wrong for me to call him just Shay) could see all this. And it all happened because of him. Him being a role model to Dan and teaching him everything. It sucks that he isn’t here to see how amazing his son is and to tell him directly that he’s proud. I guess it’s again, the raw honesty of this lyric.

JC:  I love them all and their songs. Why choose if you can have them all.. hahaha ! All of their songs are special, so yeah, I LOVE THEM ALL!

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done as a The Script fan?

Jasinta: I haven’t really had the chance to go like REALLY crazy for the boys, but if they do come back to South Africa, boy, have I got some plans! Loads of mad plans to give them the best time here! But for now, the craziest thing was I literally tweeted random people on my timeline and asked them to follow Dan to get him to 1M followers. I tweeted about 300 people, and then I got suspended from twitter 🙂 I plan to do the same to get TS to 2M!

JC: The craziest? I’m always crazy when it comes to them! One time Danny retweeted me. and I was in public at that time, but I didn’t care how many people were there. I just screamed and giggled.. hahaha! And everyone was like “WTF is his problem?”

danny funny dance

What do you love the most about The Script Family?

Jasinta: Best part of The Script Family is all of us sharing our love for the guys! Getting to know each other and being there for each other and caring for each other. Being an actual family. I LOVE how we all come together for the boys for voting and trending and the music and just spreading the love. It’s an incredible thing to have people who understand my love and also love The Script insanely! Beyond all normal boundaries!

JC:  The best part is that everyone has the same passion, bonded by music and common artists. I think we also respect each other, we don’t bash other artists, and we are very close even though some of us haven’t seen each other personally. And most of all we are always there to support one another.

What do you expect from album 4?

Jasinta: For the 4th album, I just know they’ll give us the amazing, real, soulful music they always give us. Meaningful songs that are gonna give me goosebumps! Music I will no doubt listen to for the rest of my life (yeah, I’ll be rockin out to The Script when I’m 90!). I can’t wait for it! It’s gonna be epic!

JC:  Maybe a lot of music for the feet, heart, head and soul again just like their previous ones !

Thank you both so much for taking the time to answer all my questions, it’s been lovely to hear your stories and I’m sure you’ll have more to tell after the next tour!

You can find Jasinta and Jean Carlo on twitter, say hi to them!



PS: Tune in on Sunday at 7PM UK time for our weekly chat, this time with Frederica!


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