The Script Around The World: Meet Frederica and Rebecca

Our last visit is to two other corners of the world: Frederica from the US and Rebecca from New Zealand.

What can you tell us about your hometown?

Rebecca: I live in a small rural town in the North Island of New Zealand, which is one of the two big landmasses of the country. My town is very small, the population is under 3000 but it’s nice here, everyone is friendly . The Lord of the Ring movies were shot not too far from here which is pretty cool.
nz rebecca

Frederica: I’m from New York.

How did you hear about the guys?

Rebecca: I heard about them when I was listening to the radio, this was about 2011. Break Even came on and I just fell in love. It actually made me cry. Ever since then I’ve been a huge fan of their music.

Frederica:  I first heard The Script on the radio. It was either Breakeven or For The First Time. I’d say maybe 3 years ago? Certain radio stations where I’m from play For The First Time often. I gotta work on getting them to play more songs!

Is The Script big in your country?

Rebecca:  The Script is huge in New Zealand, especially at my college. There are a lot of girls who fancy Danny, that’s for sure! NZ loves the lads.

Frederica:  I’d say they’re pretty big here. No matter who you mention them to, young or old, everyone has an idea of who you’re talking about. They almost sold out a big theater here on Long Island!

Have you met the lads or seen them live?

Rebecca: I haven’t met them or been to a gig, which is sad, but they don’t seem to come our way as much as I would love them to. I’m planning on seeing them if (or more like when) they tour for #4!

Frederica:  Unfortunately I haven’t but I’m going to try to win tickets to see them this June through the local radio stations!


Do you have any favourites?

Rebecca: I don’t really do favourites, but I do have a soft spot for Glen, he’s so sweet, and he loves tea which is always a good thing.

glen and tea house

I always get so emotional when I listen to Break Even, for obvious reasons. It’s got so much meaning behind it and I feel like I can relate to every word. It isn’t often that a song can move me to tears.

Frederica:  Ooh that’s difficult! I love all equally honestly! Danny’s hilarious and super sweet, Glen is an adorable gooball, and Mark, well what can one say about Mark? 😉 Not to mention they’re all gorgeous people!

band 2012 official 2

My favorite songs are definitely Science & Faith, Man Who Can’t Be Moved, and Six Degrees of Separation.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done as a The Script fan?

Rebecca: I do a lot of weird things for The Script. I once went to school with lyrics written all over my face in a moment of appreciation. I got a lot of long stares that day, people were actually stopping to read them!

FredericaI haven’t met them so I couldn’t do anything crazy but I tweet them really weird things. Oh and I plan on kidnapping Danny when he comes to NY. I’ll also try to bribe them to stay at my family’s bed & breakfast in Italy.


What do you love the most about The Script Family?

Rebecca: I love being a part of The Script Family. I don’t often get the chance to talk to people with the same interests as me, so it’s a great feeling to know that I can have a 3 hour conversation with someone on the other side of the world with a mutual admiration for The Script.

Frederica:  The fact that we are a family. Some fanbases I’m in just argue all the time so it’s amazing that everyone here can just be themselves and everyone’s so friendly.

What do you expect from album 4?

Rebecca: I think #4 is gonna blow minds. They’re at the peak of their career, so they’ll be trying so hard to give us some amazing, heartfelt pieces. Either way, they won’t fail us!

It’s been great to talk to you both, thanks a million for taking the time!



PS: Next on The Script Bible: A to Z in April!


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