#TheScriptA2Z: Adele

I’d love to hear Adele doing a duet with The Script but I’m afraid the previous post was to fool you as custom today! But the story below is about the actual time they toured together in 2009.

A.jpgTheir first album was released in the US on St Patrick’s Day in the US and accompanying that date, The Script toured the country supporting the Grammy-winner Adele.

God bless the marketing people. They thought of marrying the two on one day and it was brilliant. They focused the attention on St. Patrick’s Day because news outlets are looking for an angle and since we are supposed to be the next big thing coming out of Ireland it made it a logical thing to include us in their stories. It’s easy to get swallowed up by how vast America is, so when you get to play a segment on the Today Show simply because you come out of Ireland, that is pretty sweet. (Danny in Examiner, 2009)

The band felt that supporting Adele was a success:

I’m having a ball. The people who come to these shows are just music lovers and they are really accepting us with open arms. It’s been great. (Danny in Examiner, 2009)

He admitted that it’s very different to do a tour in the US than back home:

It is a different market here. People look at you in a different light. You don’t have the same road crew. You don’t have the same fan support. You have to downsize and you don’t play to the kind of crowds you played with. I love that challenge. It makes you start fresh and hustle again. (Examiner, 2009)

Danny is also a big fan of Adele and he enjoyed being on tour with her:

Adele’s 19 is simply the best debut album from a female this side of the moon, we got to see her every night effortlessly singing these songs and it’s hard to believe she is so young. (The Script website, 2009)

Adele was celebrating her 21st birthday on tour with The Script but despite of Bono sending over a huge bottle of champagne and some Guinness, there was no alcohol for that birthday.

We wanted to share it with Adele to celebrate, but she has gone off the booze, we were gutted. So we bought her a silver lighter with a shamrock on one side. (Danny in Mirror, 2009)

The lads went on 8 dates with Adele covering 3000 miles from San Diego to Cleveland in 12 days.


Other connections:

  • Talking about the title of their third album Danny said that “Adele’s record 19 represented her age and ours represents our mental age, three” (Huffington Post, 2012)
  • In 2013 Jimbo Barry won a producer award for Hall Of Fame, performed by the Script feat. will.i.am. Adele was awarded in the same year for Skyfall and Rumour has it. (Musicweek, 2013)
  • Both The Script and Adele recorded in Apogee Studios, LA and Sphere Studios, London.
  • In 2014 The Script will tour with One Republic whose songwriter-frontman Ryan Tedder has been working with Adele on her new album. (MTV UK, 2014)

What’s your favourite Adele song? I totally adore all (as in: each and every) songs on her second album, 21, but this is some magic:


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    • Thank you Kirsten, life in music really fascinates me, and as you said all these little details bring it closer to us, every day folks 🙂 Thanks for the visit!

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