#TheScriptA2Z: Ben

Ben Sargeant is the “silent” member of The Script. He’s been the bass player ever since the band started but opted out of being an official member.


Ben has been playing with The Script since they started.

When we were starting out, we realised we needed a live bass player onstage. We had tried out some bass players, but Ben really stood out. Solid, grounded, shaken not stirred, that’s our Ben. (Glen, There Goes The Fear, 2012)

His contribution is mainly but not exclusively on the live gigs. Most of the bass on the albums is programmed although Glen said that on “‘Science and Faith’ and ‘#3’ our [touring] bass player Ben also has input on certain songs”.

He’s also credited as co-writer of some of The Script songs:

  • You won’t feel a thing
  • This = Love
  • Walk Away
  • Exit Wounds
  • Good Ol’ Days

Ben doesn’t play exclusively with The Script, in 2012 he also played with the RPJ Band, a widely acknowledged event band from the UK. Other names mentioned on his impressive resume are Morrison, Will Young, Cyndi Lauper, Mcfly, Paolo Nutin and Blue.

Please note: in 2 days, on the 4th of April #TheScriptFamily is holding a #BenAppreciationDay. Join if you will.


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