#TheScriptA2Z: Crowd run

If there’s one thing everyone (haters and lovers) agree on is that The Script pulls out every string when they play live.

C.jpgUnfortunately I’ve never attended any of their gigs but I watched lots of live vids, read many reviews and talked to people who did. There’s obviously a lot of work put into the live performances and apart from the quality of their play one thing that strikes me the most is the ultimate desire to connect with the audience.

“We are proud to walk out on any stage. Whatever you do goes hand in hand live. There’s only you and your audience.” (Mark, Yorkshire Evening Post, 2010 July)

There are artists (let’s just stick to the recently mentioned Adele) who look into themselves and pull out a great performance from within. The Script on the other hand uses the gigs to get the energy from the people attending.

“When you see us live you’ll definitely agree that we’re a different kind of animal. You get a reaction from the audience – in studio it’s great but a bit clinical. It’s just the three of us in there, drinking our tea and going through emotions but when you’re on stage you actually get real people in front of you.” (Glen, The Music 411, YouTube, 2008 April)

crowd 2009

All of them, especially frontman Danny look into the crowd with about just as much admire and longing as the audience looks on them.

“We’re not going to hide behind our instruments. There’s a lot more crowd interaction, in fairness. I’m a very tactile lead singer. I get down in the crowd a lot. There are a few moments in a few songs where we change a perspective and we start the songs in different areas in the crazy club.” (Danny, Soundspike, 2012 October)

The Script Performs at DAR Consitution Hall in Washington, D.C.

During the tour for their second album, Science and Faith, they created a stage with a triangular feel to bring their lead singer out into the crowd on a 16ft thrust.

danny IYCSMN screenshot on stage crowd aviva

Danny uses every opportunity to get up close and personal physically as well which is further supported by the latest addition to their touring setup: Rodney Alejandro plays the keys with and sometimes instead of Danny so that the latter can go into the crowd initiating lots of screams and happy tears in the audience.

danny in crowd 11

The fans often joke that he must be the nightmare of every security guard in the venues they play in.

Danny points out how important it is for them to feel the audience’s energy:

“I feel that we’ve now gotten to a point as a band where we’re really bad if the audience is really bad and we’re really, really good if the audience is really, really good! It’s a direct reflection on each other. We really feed off the audience, even down to how hard we hit the instruments, how loud we sing. Everything is dictated by them, it’s mad.” (Danny)

No pressure then!


What’s your favourite thing about a live gig?

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2 thoughts on “#TheScriptA2Z: Crowd run

  1. They sound like they put on a great show! Audience connection is so key!
    My favorite live shows are the Bruce Springsteen shows I’ve been to. They definitely give it their all, and often change their set according to audience response. Also, Bruce writes a set list every show, it’s not a “canned” tour.

    I like what you said at Life is Good about which came first: lack of cars, or good public transportation…very interesting to ponder. Thanks for coming by!
    I hope you have a great Challenge!
    Tina @ Life is Good
    A to Z Team @ Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2014

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