D for Danny O’Donoghue #TheScriptA2Z

Danny O’Donoghue, singer, songwriter, musician, one-time chancer, front man of The Script.

Some facts

Born in Dublin, the youngest of 6 children Danny grew up with music. His father, Shay O’Donoghue played in a band ‘The Dreams’ and was a successful session musician. His mother Aisling was a dancer and the whole family played various instruments at some point:

“I grew up in a house full of musicians and it wasn’t so much you were fighting for attention, more you were singing for attention. It was a very natural thing for me.” (The Voice UK Q&A, 2012 March)

danny quote family by melinda


“Super nice guy” (Niall Horan, One Direction)

“He’s very passionate, absolutely music mad. He lives, eats, breathes and sleeps music. You could see that in the recording studio.” (Andrea Begley, Winner of The Voice UK, 2013)

“Like he understands production and song writing like…… I didn’t know that …” (Will i am)

“Danny is a very natural chap …” (Tom Jones)

“He’s very much about the song writing and the singing …” (Jessie J)

The different faces of Danny

On stage stormdanny on stage 2012 SBE

Emotionaldanny on stage sad serious

Working hard in studiodanny in studio

Greeting fans on the streetdanny hat smiling cute

Goofydanny funny 2014




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  3. To danny o donoghue i am sarah page im from australia my grandmother is your dads sister madeline odonoghue page from 4 albert terrace cobh cork ireland born on the 5 august 1930 her grandfater nash her father patrick odonoghue her mother milly nash odonoghue they had 7 kids

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