E for Exit Wounds #TheScriptA2Z

This 4:25-minute long song is about the damage relationships can cause.

E.jpgExit Wounds is the last song on The Script’s second album, Science & Faith written by Danny O’Donoghue, Glen Power, Ben Sargeant, Mark Sheehan.  It features some of Danny’s highest notes from A4 to F5.

One of the reviews points out:

O’Donoghue is clearly talented and has a good vocal range, although he doesn’t always use it. “Exit Wounds,” however, is one of the tracks where he does demonstrate his abilities, revealing a range listeners don’t always have the chance to grasp with the other tracks. (Badger Herald, 2011)


“We called it Exit Wounds because we had this idea that when a person enters your life, they enter at a really small point (metaphorically speaking of course) and when they leave it generally leaves a gaping wound. We often imagine that I suppose, just walking down the street that you see people with these little holes in their body but when you look at their back they’ve got these giant holes in them where somebody has actually left them with these massive scars. Those scars are who you are. Those scars are all those experiences and what you’ve gone through life for. I think what we’re trying to achieve in this song was to try and accurately portray that moment, literally that second you find out the bad news.” — Mark Sheehan & Danny O’Donoghue on the song “Exit Wounds” (from Tumblr)

For those who enjoy dance, here’s a performance to the song, and an unofficial music video. For the covers, this is a great one (especially the guitar) and I also wanted to share a female version.

My favourite lines:

I don’t know how much more love this heart can lose
And I’m dying, dying from these exit wounds
Where they’re leaving, the scars you’re keeping…

exit wounds angel TSB

PS: On a non-topic note, I can’t help sharing this Placebo song, also called Exit Wounds ’cause it’s just as brilliant.



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