G for Glen Power #TheScriptA2Z

Drummer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist of The Script, the main fan-coordinator in the band.

The facts

Glen was born in Dublin to a musical family. His father encouraged and supported his aspirations to become a musician. He was a session player before he met Mark Sheehan and Danny O’Donoghue to create The Script.

“I had played with just about everyone on the Irish circuit, I did all the toilet venues, played in places where people tried to rob the gear as you were loading into the van, played at a place once where, just before the gig, a guy had come up and poured a pint of Guinness into a bag full of leads and said: ‘What are you going to do about that?’ I’ve had knives pulled on me. I also played in the only venue in Dublin that hasn’t got any windows, but let’s not go there.”[1]

What others say

Mark Sheehan: “I had only seen him play as a guitarist back home in Dublin and the first thought I had of him as a drummer when he arrived at the studio was this guy is fucking cocky. He was so sure of himself as a drummer. When Glen got to the studio the first day we worked together, the drummer for Nine Inch Nails had just left and we threw Glen on the kit to see what he could do. After he blew us away with his skills, Danny and I invited him back to the studio the next day and we started jamming. That jam session turned into “Before The Worst,” which is the first song that all three of us wrote together.”[2]

songs cowritten by glen TSB

“I know he has a lot of stuff that he can use if he wants to, but often holds back for the sake of the music.
A sign of maturity.” (Conor Guilfoyle, Glen’s drum teacher[3])

glen at soundcheck 2012 SBE

Danny O’Donoghue, lead singer: “Glen is not that bad in the kitchen, I lived with him for a while and he’s actually quite good. Ladies out there you don’t have to cook Glen breakfast in the morning, he’d make it himself.”[4]

[1] (Irish Times: Between rock and a hard place)

[2] (Cheeky Chicago, 2011 March)

[3] (Drumming Ireland, 2012)

[4] (BBC Live Lounge, 2010 November)

glen laugh

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  2. wow!! i love the new design of the page .. i really do .. do the lads get to see this? they have to .. well done girl! 🙂

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