I for Inspirations

Every artist has someone special who set them off on that particular journey, whose creations inspired them to be the artists today. The Script’s lads found that in various musicians.

“We always say that we have a hip hop mentality because we grew up on R&B. In hip hop they pull from every genre; they may use a classical string, or pieces from different songs, or even a chorus from a cover song; we tend to feel that we do that a little in our music to. We love The Police and U2 as equally as we love Kanye West and Timberland, so we are very borderline between both of those worlds – we have a lot of bands that we owe our sound to I suppose.”[1]

The obvious role model for every band from Ireland is U2.

Mark: They’ve definitely been ambassadors for Irish music. They’ve got to the top, and they’re still making history.

Glen: When I was in school I used to look at them and say, “I want to do that.”

Danny: They showed the impossible could become possible. [2]


Their individual inspirations come from different genres.

Glen: What bands influenced me? I was probably more of the rock variety, so I would say U2, Genesis, and bands like, believe it or not, The boom town rats, another great Irish band. I was very much into rock and roll and the idea of a unit and a band, and a group of people together — I love the unity factor with that. I always aspired towards being in a band like U2, because at that time, when I was growing up, they were really hitting it big internationally, with the Joshua Tree, and their video Ratland Home, and that was a massive influence on me. Especially just looking at the videos, and Larry Moonan playing drums, I thought, you know, I really want to do something like that. [3]

Mark: Musically for me I look up to David Bowie because I love an artist who is able to change musical styles all the time. He was able to do that for many years. It’s non-existant nowadays in music, it’s hard to change styles like he did but it’s something that we tip our hat to quite a bit. [4] David Bowie’s been doing it for all these years. He’s brought us on such a musical journey. He’s almost like an institution on his own. I think there’s gonna be stage shows made after him. Forget about Mamma Mia! There’s gotta be something done. The songs are so good, the stories are so good. Him, as an artist, is just out of this world.[1]


mark quote david bowie by tsb

Danny: Someone as magnetic as Elvis would be massive or Stevie Wonder.[5] How Stevie Wonder matched melody with sentiment, with his voice, with the beats, with the rhythm, I was absolutely hooked. Because in Ireland at that time you know there were a lot of rock bands, The Corrs, The Cranberries, U2 and it was just something different for us, me, Mark and Glen.[6]

The band recently won Best Live Act from Hotpress, an Irish entertainment magazine. In their interviews they tend to go back to the most well-known musician they played with: Paul McCartney.

“He gave me the best advice” Danny said. “He basically said that when you go into a stadium, your performance doesn’t have to be 80 thousand times better than it normally is. You just do what you do and you bring them onto the stage with you. You could hear a pin drop when he was telling a story about what he’d say to John Lennon if he were here today. Hearing 80 thousand going silent like that, I was sold.”[7]

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