K for Kay

Once upon a time The Script lost a girl, code-named “Kay”. And you guessed it right, they wrote a song about it.

Written by: Tony McGuinness, Danny O’Donoghue, Mark Sheehan[1]

Drums – Elad Fish

In an interview from 2009 Mark talked about how the song was born and tested at the same time:

“We just jammed on MySpace one night, had a great idea. We just sang a verse bridge and a chorus one evening just to see if people liked it, was it a song they thought we should be pursuing.”

Glen added: “And people went nuts for that song”[2]

In a BBC article Danny was cited about how they keep in touch with their audience and he brought up this track as an example to direct involvement between band and fans:

“’If You See Kay’, a song on the first album, was directly given birth to that way. We threw a verse and a chorus up online, and people went “it’s deadly, it’d be great if it went this way, or that way”…it was a great A&R process because they feel like they own the song. They feel like they really had a hand in getting it there, which they did. I think that’s worth gold these days. The fact that you care about what people think. So rather than someone sitting down on the internet and surfing it on their own, they actually feel like “I’m from China, and I’ve got the chance to comment on this European band’s album”. And that’s really the way it’s been.” [3]

Tony McGuinness originally played bass with The Script. He now lives in Australia.[4]

[1] (Musicbrainz)

[2] (CNN, 2009 August)

[3] (BBC Chartblog, 2010 November)

[4] (Sunday World, 2013 July)

ifuck by tsb.jpg


After having accidentally discovered If You See Kay by Memphis Slim, The Script’s song feels a little bit like its follow-up song. Less blues, more words but the basic message is: “get her back to me”. Both great on their own accord of course.


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