L for Label

The band was signed up by Phonogenic Records which is a joint venture with Sony Music.

So far so good. But let me finish that sentence: The band was signed up by Phonogenic Records which is a joint venture with Sony Music and is currently under RCA Label Group (which is not to be mixed up with RCA Records) formerly known as BMG, also managing record label Epic Records, distributing in the UK under Epic Label Group.

Quite a mouthful, isn’t it?

Don’t even get me started on the management side of things!

So the players are:

Sony Music Entertainment (SME)

A long history from American Record Corporation (ARC) through Columbia. BMG and parts of EMI Sony Music Entertainment is now one the three big record labels with Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group. (Source: wikipedia 1 and 2)

RCA Label Group

Formerly known as BMG Label Group it’s owned by SME. It’s a holding company also responsible for distribution of Sony labels RCA Records and Epic Records. (Source: wikipedia 4, 5 and 6)

Epic Records

Going back to 1953 it’s one of the three main labels of SME with Columbia and RCA Records. It’s home to a wide range of artists from Judas Priest to Avril Lavigne, from Paloma Faith to Example. (Source: wikipedia 7)

Phonogenic Records

Apart from being a separate record label under the RCA Label Group, they’re now also managing Epic Records. (Source: Music Week)

Just as a curious remark, I must say, Phonogenic’s current operation is rather strange. The original Phonogenic Limited (owned now entirely by Sony Music UK Ltd) has no turnover since 2011 when another company, Phonogenic Music Publishing Ltd was founded where Frampton, Kipner, Henderson and Lisberg are directors but not owners. It is owned by a dormant company that was founded by an 82-year-old lady whose name apparently on about 43 thousand, (yes, that reads THOUSAND) other companies according to Duedil.

By the way: if any of this is incorrect, don’t sue me. I’m just an outsider using publicly available online information trying to make sense of what, to me, looks like a rather big pile of mess.

Either way, this might change after the upcoming record. According to the Independent The Script’s record deal with the above bunch was for 4 albums which will come to an end now, marking a definite start of new negotiations. In the current climate it could make sense to go “indie” but given their close relationship to Andy Frampton and Stephen Kipner who are regularly credited as writers on The Script albums, I’d be surprised if they went with another entity.


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