N for No Words

No Words is the 9th track on album #3 released in 2012.

It was written by James Barry, Danny O’Donoghue, Mark Sheehan. Danny explained what were they trying to capture in the song:

“The three of us can talk about anything – politics, current affairs, where a song is going wrong. But this is about those moments when you need to tell someone how you feel about them, but you can’t find the words.”

Rifling through an archive of old Irish music, The Script stumbled on a strange banshee shriek that is thought to be Ireland’s first ever field recorded music. “It’s a woman, but no-one knows who,” explains Danny. “She’s just sort of shrieking, but it sounds like she’s saying ‘No words’.”

no words by tsb 2

The 4-minute was never released as a single despite being a fan favourite.  The Script only played this track live once in Aberdeen and thanks to modern technology there are some good versions available for us less lucky people who weren’t present.

For a bit worse sound quality but closer picture check out this video and here’s another one with a little more focus on Glen.

Covers of No Words

The first cover I’d highlight is an incomplete but creative one by Christopher Williams:

This one by Mel is a good performance, hope you’ll enjoy it.

Cause there are no words you can understand, only lovers can
You can ask the professor and the madman
If they couldn’t find the words, no one can
All I’ve seen, all I heard
When it comes to you there’s just no, just no words


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