O for On The Road

The Script has been on the road since 2007 only stopping for Christmas and for writing their albums.

Based on the info I’ve found the band played 428 gigs in 26 countries supporting artists from Paul McCartney to Take That, Adele and David Cook. They went on tour with Irish bands like The Coronas, The Original Rudeboys and were also supported by Tinie Tempah.


Some heavy promo work with live gigs to support the first album before release but details are VERY difficult to find.

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The band spent the latter part of 2007 playing dates in the UK and at home in Ireland which included sold out support slots to Newton Faulkner at the Village and two nights with The Blizzards at the Ambassador Theatre.


band red carpet 2008-2009 p3


From Dublin to Tokyo The Script played in nine countries focusing on the UK.

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Mark said: “One of the big turnaround points for us was when we toured in Scotland with the Hoosiers. We were at the Carling Academy in Glasgow and we got a big shock at the response from the Scots fans. There were nearly 2000 people at the gig and they just went nuts for us. It was an amazing reaction and we all went out afterwards to celebrate.”



The Script played a whopping number of shows in 2009, 125 at its current count, most of them in the US supporting Paul McCartney, Adele or the X-factor winner David Cook. They played their first shows in Australia this year as well.

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“That was pretty mad, that he loved our songs, he knew them, came and watched us while we were playing on stage. He said the reason he picked us was our message is very humble and honest.  We’re not preaching, we invite people into our world, and our experiences, and to relate to us.  He felt like we were dealing with important stuff.” (Mark on Paul McCartney)

gig Q answer


With the new album coming out the band played only in the last quarter of the year, with two third of the gigs in their first headlining tour in the US.

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We had a show last night in the Islington Academy that we put on for all our fans, it was a free gig. We put it up on Facebook saying “listen if you guys can give us a push to No.1, and tell all your friends, we’ll put on a free show.” And lo and behold that week we were at No.1, so we came through on the promise and put the show on last night. It was a big success and everyone was there. It was a bit more special than a lot of the other gigs because I was looking around the crowd and I knew literally every person there. All of these people had come to so many shows over the years. (Danny)

band on stage 2010 olympia


Promoting Science & Faith The Script played in 17 countries from Ireland to Indonesia.

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How rock’n’roll are The Script on tour?

Glen Power: We can get quite rock’n’roll! We’re very professional when it comes to performing – that’s king, but we’re also very professional at getting wild after the show. There have been nights when we definitely went off the richter scale but they are few and far between, generally we try and look after ourselves. But we’ve got tomorrow off – we call this ‘day off eve’ – so we’ll get a bit rowdy tonight.

danny IYCSMN screenshot on stage crowd aviva


With working on the new album the band only played a handful of gigs this year, mostly in America and some intimate gigs in Ireland and the UK for the release celebrations.

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“People ask us how do we handle the pressure. Well we didn’t get this straight off the bat – we had to work our way up to this and I’m really glad we did because if you had put this on us two or three years ago I don’t know what would have happened.” (Mark)


band on stage lined up 2012


The worldwide Script #3 tour took the band to 14 countries in four continents, playing the first time in France, Portugal and Dubai.

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“We like to create moments with music. We’ve really worked hard on the music side of things for this show and we really feel that… it’s weird because as producers as well, remember that we’ve written these albums over the course of five years. We’ve done so much over the years that when we go to the live show we want everything to stand up against each other, we don’t want any holes musically. We do get a bit mental about it.” (Mark)

band on stage 2013 usa

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