P for Photography

Let’s celebrate the official and non-official photographers of The Script with this post!

Who does The Script work with regularly?

Peter Neill, Shoot The Sound

“Live photographers seem to be a dime a dozen until you are actually touring and you see how bad the pictures end up being. We really wanted some Epic shots of our shows the way we see them. Peter Neill is the strongest Photographer we have found yet. We simply don’t use anyone else anymore.” – Mark Sheehan

Facebook: Shoot The Sound

Kevin Westenberg

Check out his photos on The Script’s site here.

Outtake from album shoot. June.22.2012. Praha. Czech.

Jono Symonds

Jono’s been working with the band since the beginning and has some amazing shots. Check out the story and the most recent pics here.

Do you know of more?

Professional fan photographers

143 Photography

Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph. – Matt Hardy

Facebook page

Agnes T

Love her black and white photos, like this one. Check her out on twitter.

glen by agnes tonkes

Rockpicschick Photography ~ Linette Britt

Music draws out the human experience, it illuminates the artists’ perspective…. their “world” , who they are and where they have been, bringing their stories to life …

Check out pictures here.

Wannabees Rockphotography

Joris Van Molle has some great shots on flickr.
The Script

Troy at Mystify Me

Another find from flickr.

Francesco Padroni

They also have great photos on flickr.

Do you know of anyone else that would need to be included? Drop us a line. 


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