Q for Queen

In June 2013 The Script played for the Queen in celebration of the opening of Broadcasting House, London.

When they were invited to play for the Queen, they knew it was not going to be received well by everyone.

“We thought Ireland might possibly hate us for doing this. How are they going to feel about it? How is this going to go down back home.” (Mark)

And some were quite vocal about their opinions:

“We were tweeted afterwards by crazies calling us ‘Union Jack bastards’ and loyalists but we did it to show we represent modern Ireland, in the spirit of a new relationship between Britain and Ireland.” (Danny)

They didn’t play their own song for the Queen, they went with David Bowie’s classic ‘Heroes’ which contains the lines “I will be king. And you. You will be queen”. The played with an upcoming artist Indiana showing off the BBC’s intentions to support new artists.

After the performance Danny described that he was really nervous to play in front of “the most famous in the world.” He cheekily mentioned that he had a picture of her in his pocket – “as she’s on all the money”. They also talked about Glastonbury apparently.

Check out the short video with him about the experience here.


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