U for Unique Sound

Is the rather ambivalent “celtic soul” a term that would describe their music?

Danny said that “the critics back home have called us “the new blend of Celtic soul.” It is all but a label. People are more shocked than anything. Being Irish really helps us sell because our reputation precedes us.”

Glen thought “they didn’t expect such a sound would come from an Irish band.”

“I love when people call it the celtic soul because it means that they can’t quite put their finger on what The Script is which we kind like to keep it that way because we still don’t know what this is.”(Danny)

danny on stage sad serious

“We’ve been classed as having a new brand of celtic soul. I’m trying to think about that, do we? I don’t wanna insult Irish people and celtic soul at all but I think we absolutely represent the new Ireland. Ireland has now had a massive influx of different races coming from all over the place and with that comes different music. And American music and rap music in particular has definitely gone in there.”(Mark)

In Mark’s opinion their music is based on hip-hop.

“When I talk to anyone at the label they tell me not to mention hip hop and I know it’s a million miles from f*cking hip hop, however our roots and how we put stuff together is influenced by that. For example, we take a hip hop loop and then Glen will walk in and play over that. I grew up on Tribe Called Quest and then Common and Eminem and Kanye – all of us have always had a passion for the rhyme of hip hop, so we tend to use a melodic flow and a low bassline. Live, we push our kicks and snare and bass, rather than having loud, screeching guitars and banging drums.”

mark on stage bw kilt

Danny tried to combine the two terms:

“Celtic hip-hop is exactly what it is. It’s hip-hop, but we present it in a different way — and it’s played by a band, but an Irish band. But our spiritual home is America. We spent 10 years living over there, writing and producing. And I don’t mean we were stealing their hip-hop ideas, but that’s where the mentality comes from.”

He also explained: “A big part of the band is the music, no matter what. And stop trying to conform. Take a hip-hop mentality, which is taking different kind of music, different styles and different genres and create your music.”

Glen said that their approach is as unique as they are:

“I have drummers that are idols of mine and I’ve taken a bit of their styles and incorporate it into my style. Because you are never going to sound like anybody else – you are always going to be you, regardless of what you like and what you do.”

glen at soundcheck 2012 SBE

Mark never tried to shy away from their roots stemming from their years spent in America:

“Obviously, because of our work in the US, the album was always going to have a sort of American sound. I think there’s a big difference between American and Irish and British music. It’s really all to do with the placement of sounds and how you record them. Contrary to popular opinion, American albums are rawer sounding – typically, they’d use a lot less microphones over the equipment in the studio. Whatever polishing you hear on the final track, is all done in the mixing process.”

Mark said in a CNN interview: “There’s a huge gap to be bridged between UK music and American music. We think with The Script we’ve found that fusion: we’re able to maintain our rock values from Ireland and still play RnB a little bit.”

band interview 20009 conf cnn

Mark strongly believed that there were no easy comparisons to be made between The Script and any other bands:

“Yea but we are not like others and didn’t want to be; we say what everyone would like to say and we deliver our music with an outpouring of Irishness”

Glen said that being different is their strong suit:

“We love the fact that we’re not stuck in a box. We’re a product of the internet generation in that you don’t neccessarily buy an album’s worth of songs, you just buy what you want off people’s albums and I suppose that’s reflected in our albums – we like to dip in and out of different things.”

So where did their distinctive sound come from?

“Living in Ireland you inherently have one ear on Ireland/England and the other on America. It’s a bit of a mish-mash. Everything is going in, but we’ve spearheaded it into this particular sound. Mark’s musical tastes are very much R&B, rap, hip-hop; Glen’s would be funk and things like Sting and The Police; and mine would be emotional music, ballads, black soul music. Coming into the studio with three such different styles is like waves crashing together.” (Danny)

band bow


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