Y for YouTube

All about The Script on YouTube. [Right, not “all”. Just some 🙂 ]

YouTube has become so influential in the world of music that not only has its own music awards but plays now count towards the official Billboard Hot 100 chart. (More on how to use it to promote The Script here.)

The Script recognised it and started to promote their channel on twitter.

Go on, subscribe, I’ll wait. 🙂

band sleepy heads

Now that you’ve done that, let me remind you that YouTube plays are now recognised by Billboard. So click on play!

Need some live gigs? Here are the full concerts I’ve found on YouTube:

Would you like to listen to some rare (unreleased or deluxe version) tracks?

Do you prefer acoustic versions? (I LOVE them!)

Enjoy folks! Let’s head for a scripty day!

Do you have any Script-related lists on YouTube? Hit comment or share on twitter!



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