Z for Zone

The Script have a special ritual before their gigs to get into “the zone”.

What happens in the dressing rooms before the band comes on stage? Here The Script share a little:

In another they interview Danny said:

“The rituals we have are a glass of Grey Goose vodka and we had a particularly stiff one that night. We do the rituals of warm up – everyone goes very quiet, we kick everybody out of the room, it’s just the band in the room, and as we walk out everyone is just really getting in the zone. I go really quiet and there is a moment just as the lights go down and the crowd roars and we look each other in the eye and we shake each other’s hand. It’s a very strange ritual we have. We started off by saying “have a good show” but now we do this and say to each other, I’ve got your back.”

Mark: “Even if there has been a fight that day or if anyone’s carrying a beef that’s the beef over. We can pick up the beef later on but we’re going on stage together right how and we’re good, we have each other’s back. The chain has to be united and strong. If it’s not, you’re going to mess up the whole thing. You can’t take that on stage with you. One man down, all men down.”

This video shows the whole thing:


Thank you for sticking with me in April for the A to Z Challenge. It’s been a bumpy road with all 3 blogs but it’s been done! May will all be about tunes, tracks, videos, hope you’ll join me in the online promo tour!




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