Countdown of the most played songs on YouTube, #7-9

The next round of the most played videos on YouTube.

As Billboard announced that its official hot 100 charts will take youtube and spotify plays into account, May is about the countdowns of The Script’s most popular songs according to these media. I’ll share the top youtube videos on Mondays, charted singles on Thursdays and most popular Spotify tracks on Saturdays. Make sure you click play and stay tuned!

12: Talk You Down
11: Science & Faith
10: Before The Worst
Read the post for the above with more info on the videos here.

9: If You Ever Come Back

if you ever come back screenshot girlSince its upload in March 2011 the official video on The Script Vevo channel has gathered almost 9.5 million views. Directed by Charles Mehling the video follows the story of a young runaway girl with clips of the band playing in a circle of chairs that later gets filled with people coming to an AA meeting. It’s an interesting twist on the original lyrics that are about a lost love rather than a lost child. My favourite parts were the fact that the 2 teenagers pulling faces at the main girl on the train ended up going to the same meeting and the little scene where Danny turns a chair in front of the camera as if inviting the viewer to sit there.  Make sure you click to watch the video (can we get it over the big 10 million?) and send a tweet if you liked it!

8: Six Degrees Of Separation

band 2012 SDOS shooting artistic bwThe video has more than 13.5 million views since November, 2012. It features mainly the band playing in the old Tower Theatre in Los Angeles. There are some tiny scenes played during the verse to portray the six emotions described there. They shot the video in one day (“the shortest in the history of Script videos” according to Danny) with Phil Harder who fully utilised the unique venue with its black, reflective floor, tall ceilings and strong lights.  Click here to watch the video (let’s get that viewing number UP!). RT the tweet below if you liked it!

7: We Cry

we cry screenshot danny walking 2008The video is closing on 19 million views but needs a couple more to get there (so click here, play and repeat lol). It was directed by Charles Mehling as well and follows the stories of the lyrics. Danny is seen walking down in an area of New York similar to Libertines of Dublin that the song is about, looking around seeing “Jenny, John, Mary”. The band is also seen playing in a worn practice studio, engrossed in their own music. I really liked how that little line of hope that’s present in the song was also portrayed in the video.  Please watch the video here (every view counts as you know) and tweet this if you agree!

Of the 3 videos which is your favourite? Did you prefer the shift in the story with If You Ever Come Back? Or did you like artistic presentation of the band in Six Degrees In Separation? Or is We Cry your favourite following the lyrics closely? Let us know!


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