Countdown of the most played songs on YouTube, #4-6

Continuing the countdown of the most played The Script videos on YouTube.

As Billboard announced that its official hot 100 charts will take youtube and spotify plays into account, May is about the countdowns of The Script’s most popular songs according to these media. I’ll share the top youtube videos on Mondays, charted singles on Thursdays and most popular Spotify tracks on Saturdays. Make sure you click play and stay tuned!

12: Talk You Down
11: Science & Faith
10: Before The Worst
9: If You Ever Come Back
8: Six Degrees Of Separation
7: We Cry
More info on videos 10-12 here, and 7-9 here.

6: If You Could See Me Now

band IYCSMN screenshot 1 croppedThe video has more than 23.7 views since it was published on youtube in February, 2013. It was directed by Paul Banks and shot in London, at the Sphere Studios but a lot of previous footage has been used in it: from concerts, trips they made, memories that shaped them. They made the video a collection of stories they’d tell their parents if they were still here.

Click to get the video over 24 million views!

5: Nothing

band in nothing videoThe music video follows the story of a hypothetical night out that poses that drunk dialling problem the lyrics describe. Glen explained:

“We tried to keep it simple, it’s basically us getting drunk in a bar and trying to calm Danny down and then he jumps off a bridge into the water. It’s about the desperation of love and trying to reach out when you get nothing in the end of the other person that’s really what the whole thing is reflecting.”

Mark confirmed:

“We just wanted to show a typical The Script night out…not that we all get drunk all the time, but it seemed to fit the song perfectly.”

The video was directed by Charles Mehling and shot in Camden, North London. Mark said:

“We thought Camden would be an ideal location because we liked the setting of Camden what with the lock and everything.”

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4: For The First Time

Music video was directed by Charles Mehling. The video features an Irish couple who emigrated to New York but struggle to find proper jobs.

“It’s getting back to reality; you are standing naked in front of this person. That notion really resonated with us and set the tone for what we want to talk about, emotionally.”

One of the characters is played by Eve Hewson, Bono’s daughter.

ftft screenshot“With the name of the band being The Script, we get to pretend a little and we get to put ourselves into the characters, so those two characters are loosely based on our own lives because we’ve lived in America, we’ve had our own personal ‘recession’ for a long time; when you’re a broke musician and you’re living on couches and studios etc. you do carry around your recession, so we’ve embodied those two characters in our own experiences.”

The band also made an extra short film with the story of these characters:

“We had quite a complex story to tell, and we weren’t sure if everyone was going to understand what the song is about. It isn’t a specific economic crisis song, like lots of people think. It was written about two friends of ours actually going through that sort of thing. We came up with a storyline that would depict that, to explain the song. With the internet now, it’s cool to have extra pieces of content to look at.”

Which song do you have the best video? Is it the story in FTFT? Did you prefer the acting by the band in Nothing? Or was it the video of the best moments in IYCSMN? Let us know!


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