The Script Bible Challenge Announcement! Yay!

Ah, June, the first month of the summer, the end of school for some, the start of The Script’s US tour. But more importantly, it is the month of my birthday (lol). So there’s a lot of reasons to have fun!

In celebration of all things above the 2nd Official The Script Bible Challenge will take place from the 1st of June all the way through my birthday on the 23rd closing on on Glen’s birthday on the 5th of July. (Finish on the high, they say!)

This time the challenge will be all about the songs. An easy task: #Listen2TheScript! I’m sure we can all manage that 🙂

listen2TS announcement

The band has (give or take) 35 songs released so far and every day we’ll celebrate one of them. Which one, you’ll have to find out based on the clues released the previous day!

The goal is to earn as many points as you can throughout those 5 weeks. Every time you guess the song correctly (and you let me know of course lol) you’ll earn 5 points. If you do the additional daily tasks, you’ll get 1 point for each. Every time you tweet with the hashtag #Listen2TheScript, you’ll earn 1 point, too.

Once a week we’ll have a “Listening Party” where you’ll get a chance to catch up if you missed out on any of the daily challenges. When you check-in at the beginning and at the end of hour, you’ll get 10 points and if you solve the extra task within that period you’ll get another 10. So everybody can have a go, no matter when you’re online or how busy you are. You can still join the celebrations 🙂

listen2ts pts

Hope I’ll see you there for those 5 weeks and to get you started, your first (preparation) tasks will be posted soon! In the meantime pls RT if you like the idea!

Any questions, remarks, praise or critique? Leave us a comment. We so love them comments!

Your ever-excited host,



8 thoughts on “The Script Bible Challenge Announcement! Yay!

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