Countdown of the most played songs on YouTube: the winners!

The winners of the most played The Script videos on YouTube: check out the top 3!

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As Billboard announced that its official hot 100 charts will take youtube and spotify plays into account, May is about the countdowns of The Script’s most popular songs according to these media. I’ll share the top youtube videos on Mondays, charted singles on Thursdays and most popular Spotify tracks on Saturdays. Make sure you click play and stay tuned!

Check out the list here with all the songs in the top 12!

12: Talk You Down
11: Science & Faith
10: Before The Worst
9: If You Ever Come Back
8: Six Degrees Of Separation
7: We Cry
6: If You Could See Me Now
5: Nothing
4: For The First Time
More info on videos 10-12 here, and 7-9 here, 4-6 here.

3: Breakeven

Screenshot from the video

Screenshot from the video

The music video has more than 34 million views and was directed by Charles Mehling.[1] It was shot in Dublin because as Danny said:

“We wanted to do something that’s contemporary Dublin, our Dublin, where we grew up. The main performance is here in Whelan’s intermitted with sequences of a relationship and breakup – basically what the song’s about. The song is called Breakeven and it’s about that in a breakup someone’s always left with the smaller half.”[2]

They chose a casting agency from Dublin because they wanted to make it clear where their roots are. Mark said: “People keep asking if we were American so we realised we needed to do something about it.”

Even though Danny said that screening actresses from Dublin was one of the “only perks of the job”[3], he also admitted that “it brought back a lot of feelings and emotions. “I said all week: ‘I hope it’s not someone from Dublin we know.’ I was watching some demo tapes of the girls who had auditioned and was like, ‘I know her, I know her sister.’”[4]

His old flame was also among the applicants:

“We were going through the cards and one of them was my ex-girlfriend. It was surreal because the song is partly about her so I was, ‘Nope, next, no way’. She’s a struggling actress and model back home and obviously her agency put her up for it. It’s one for the books, I’ll say. It could have made for some real onscreen tension.”[5]

The video features Irma Mali instead, who Danny fell in love with “in one day on the set”. Unfortunately they’ve split up since.

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2: The Man Who Can’t Be Moved

tmwcbm screenshot danny sitting

Screenshot from the end of the video

The Script’s second ever music video is closing on 68 million views. It was directed by Marc Klasfeld and shot in LA on two different corner. It had four alternate endings and originally fans could vote for their favourite. It follows the story of the song with Danny spending hours on the corner with people slowly gathering around him that eventually puts him on the news. The clip shows him not moving “even if it rains or snows” and a band performance in a parking lot.

Check out the Making of… video with some fresh-faced experience.

1: Hall Of Fame

The Script and

The Script and

Music video was directed by Ethan Lader and is definitely the most popular The Script video with 128.5 million views. It was shot in Hollywood in a TV/movie set that had lots of different rooms for soap operas according to Mark “from bed rooms to prison cells”. The video follows the story of two imaginery characters: a thin lad who becomes a world champion in boxing and a young girl with hearing difficulties who is a ballet dancer. It shows their daily struggles, their different lives connecting in one thing: working hard for something everybody else considers impossible.

 “We just picked 2 stories a male and a female. The male is an Irish immigrant boxer who gets beaten and bullied through school. He ends up being a champion one day but the story behind every champion is really inspiring: a whole story of triumph and tragedy. One of the beautiful parts of the video is this Hispanic dancer with hearing impediment. How hard it would be in life to choose the profession of dancing without being able to hear the music correctly. There is this amazing part in the video when she touches the speaker to feel the music in her heart. It’s a really touching moment because that’s what music can do, that’s what music did to me: it touched me in the heart.” (Danny)

Clearly, this music touched many other hearts as well.

Thanks for sticking with the countdown, two more posts are coming up this week with the top 3 charted songs on Thursday and the top 3 songs on Spotify on Saturday.

Keep an eye out for the 2nd Official The Script Bible Challenge as well: #Listen2TheScript in June! 🙂


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